LENSAR® Laser System


  • Precise Astigmatism Treatment Planning: Multiple generations of innovations to the LENSAR Laser System, including the latest Streamline IV enhancements, facilitate more intuitive astigmatism treatment planning with features that include wireless integration with pre - op diagnostic data, *post - op outcomes optimization, NEW IntelliAxis® -L steep axis capsular marking, iris registration, and arcuate incision surgeon tables < li > Simplified Procedures: The LENSAR Laser with Streamline IV offers a growing list of innovations to simplify your life, including pre - programmable surgeon preferences, an optimized graphical user interface, wireless integration with pre-op diagnostic data, cataract density imaging and automatic customized fragmentation patterns, and arcuate incision planning at the laser
  • Efficient Design: Corneal incision–only mode, expanded remote diagnostics capabilities, additional pre-programmable preferences, thoughtful ergonomics, and up to 20 seconds faster laser treatment times with Streamline allow for seamless integration and maximum surgical efficiency
  • Superior Imaging: The LENSAR Cataract Laser with Augmented Reality™ provides an accurate 3-D model of the relevant anterior segment, allowing for precise laser delivery and the surgical confidence for accurate corneal incisions (that are easier to open with Streamline), free-floating capsulotomies, and efficient lens fragmentation for all grades
  • Energy Reduction: By combining superior imaging of the anterior segment, precise laser placement, and efficient lenticular fragmentation, the LENSAR Laser allows for a reduction in phaco time and up to 100% reduction in phaco energy1